Gadget Renesas

Linking Ideas and Electronics


GR Peach Design Contest 2017
in Australia & New Zealand
approved abstracts in 1st stage

SNOThe titleLeader name
1BallboyChris Quill
2Cloud-based Renewable Energy Monitoring SystemJonathan Tabac II
3Door SecurityMyers Ben
4Embedded PC I/O ExpansionJason Tolley
5Eyes UPTom Merry
6Flight Panel RZIan De Dominicis
7LeechAlan Campbell
8Linear Electromagnetic Accelerator for Small Satellite PayloadsHugh Carrigg
9Magic RemoteHaroon S
10PeacheeBotHenrico Djiuardi
11Smart Health monitorSubu Venkata
12Software EngineerJoshua Leask
13Speedometer calibration testerViktor
14Teari---Intelligent baby monitorHongmei Yu
15TheConXionAkshay Thorat
16Workshop HelperPaul Watkins

NOTE: The list is in alphabetical order of The Title. It is not the ranking as per scores.