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Prize Organisation Project
1st Prize CalicoVision Computer Vision Industrial Personnel Monitoring System
2nd Prize DeepView DeepView port to RZ/G1H
3rd Prize BrainChild Innovation Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality within a realistic interactive Virtual Reality Environment.


Renesas Electronics America presents the 2018 e-AI Design Contest.

Are you ready to let the world know about the great ideas you’ve conceptualized using embedded Artificial Intelligence (e-AI)? Enter Renesasʼ e-AI Design Contest to demonstrate your expertise and creativity by making your idea a reality and be recognized with both prizes and in the community. The contest is based on applications you create using a Renesas RZ-based MPU development board.

Contestants with approved abstracts will receive a GR-PEACH (RZ/A1H) or iWave Qseven(RZ/G1H) development kit for free. Contest winners will be awarded joint marketing opportunities and up to $5,000 cash*.

*Prizes subject to change

*Prizes subject to change


Announcement October 25,
Registration opens November 17,
Last day to register and submit abstracts March 14,
Announcement of Top 50 approved abstracts March 19,
Shipment of boards completed March 19,
Final Submission of project documentation August 16,
2018 (Extended 1.5 month)
Announcement of awards by e-mail August 22,
Publishment of awarded projects on web site September,



    Wireless Camera Shield

    GR-PEACH incorporates RZ/A1H(400MHz, 10MB RAM) processor and is an ARM® mbed™ enabled development platform. Available e-AI translator to convert a learned AI model to C language.
  • Qseven Development Kit (RZ/G1H)

    Qseven Development Kit (RZ/G1H)

    iWave's RZ/G1H board incorporates the RZ/G1H Qseven SOM, which is based on Renesas' high-performance RZ/G1H Quad ARM® Cortex® A15 MPU and the carrier board with 7" optional capacitive display kit.


GR-PEACH incorporates RZ/A1H(400MHz, 10MB RAM) processor and is an ARM® mbed™ enabled development platform . Web Compiler enables to translate a learned AI model to C programming for Arduino sketch.
In addition, Wireless Camera Shield enables to get an image VGA(640 x 480) and communitcate via ESP32, Wi-Fi and BLE module.

More Information Getting start web compiler e-AI translator tutorial

Qseven Development Kit (RZ/G1H)

iWave's RZ/G1H development board incorporates RZ/G1H Qseven SOM Which is based on Renesas high performance RZ/G1H Quad ARM Cortex A15 MPU and the carrier board with optional 7” capacitive display kit. The development board can be used for quick prototyping of various applications targeted by the RZ/G1H processor. With the 120mm x120 mm Nano ITX size, the kit is highly packed with all the necessary on-board connectors to validate the RZ/G1H MPU features.

Participants will receive development kits which include following
- RZ/G1H Qseven SOM
- Qseven Carrier Board with display
- Camera Daughter Board with 4ports x 8bit cameras

More Information

Participants will receive pre-loaded Linux BSP and user manual in CD. Additional instructions will be available to participants that have approved abstracts.

Prize & Rules

  • 1st Prize


  • 2nd Prize


  • 3rd Prize


  • • Prize winners will have joint marketing opportunities

    • Contestants with approved abstracts will receive a free development board.

    • Top 10 finalists will be invited to final event.

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