e-AI DESIGN CONTEST 2018 Approved Abstracts in 1st stage

NOTE: The list is in alphabetical order of team name. It is not the ranking as per scores.

NO Team name Title
1 BrainChild Innovation Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality within a realistic interactive Virtual Reality Environment.
2 CAF FAB Automataided Servaing and Marking
3 CalicoVision Computer Vision Industrial Personnel Monitoring System
4 cuckoo Intelligent home energy management power board
5 DeepView DeepView port to RZ/G1H
6 Infiniti Intelligent PCB Component Sorting System for Robotic Arm
7 ML Diagnostics Artificial Intelligence Engine Diagnostics
8 Music judge Audio Analysis for Musical Performance
9 Rasco Bott
10 Smart Green Smart Green
11 Tequila Inside assistance
12 The Beeinformed Team BeeInformed AI Acoustic sensor