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GR-KURUMI is the second line of Gadget Renesas reference boards. The board incorporates the RL78/G13, Renesas 16-bit low-power consumption MCU. Compatible with Arduino Pro Mini, this new board can use existing sample codes, ensuring easy use with Arduino language and standard libraries from both hardware and software aspects.

The following special features, unavailable in Arduino Pro Mini, are perfect for designing small and low-power gadgets.
  - Runs on a single-battery. Incorporates a voltage booster from 0.9V to 3.3 (or 5V).
  - Includes a real-time clock with alarm function, facilitating a high-precision real-time counter (RTC).
  - Low-power mode: Arduino-like library allows easy setup of the RL78 standby mode (STOP/SNOOZE).
  - KURUMI's LED hair accessories: unique KURUMI features are illustrated in LEDs with glowing full-color hair accessories.

Renesas 16-bit RL78/G13 Group MCU (R5F100GJAFB)
(RX63N Group Specifications here

pin map keumuri



Item Description
Microcontroller RL78/G13 (R5F100GJAF B 48pin QFP)
Data flash 8KB
Frequency 32MHz (internal XO)
Sub Clock 32.768kHz
Operating Voltage 2.7V to 5.5V (Note)

Note: MCU operates from 1.6V. To ensure Pro Mini compatibility, the board offers a minimum 2.7V operation.

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This is the Gadget Renesas user forum on In this forum space, you can find many showpiece applications using GR boards and sample applications and programs. Post your questions and your showpiece here.

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Project file for sketching in Eclpse-based development environment e2studio. For downloading and installing e2studio please refer to the product page.

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Note: This is a project exported in e2studio version 7.2.