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GR-PEACH is the GR reference board for RZ family RZ/A1H group products. Fully pin-compatible with Arduino UNO, GR-PEACH is an ARM® Mbed™ enabled development platform. GR-PEACH takes advantage of Web browser-based program development and a robust library selection. With the added appeal of 10MB of built-in RAM and the processing power of ARM Cortex™-A, GR-PEACH was created for the developer interested high-speed prototyping of IoT devices with loads of HMI -- graphics, touch panel, camera input, audio, network and more!


In addition GR-PEACH supports multiple platform .NET MF, Arduino, TOPPERS/ASP(RTOS), so you can program with these platform. Click the below figure and then jump to the page getting started.

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Embeds ARM Cortex-A RZ/A1H (R7S721001VCBG)
(RZ/A1H group details here)
Arduino UNO pin compatibility supports various shields.
GR-PEACH board equipped with LAN connector (RJ-45) and
connectors for Arduino UNO compatible pins and service pins.
Enables to connect stereo plug, camera
module and USB host with GR-PEACH.
Note: a camera module is not included.
MT9V111 is recommended to use.
GR-PEACH 4.3inch LCD Shield LCD
4.3 inch wide display with touch panel.
Note: GR-PEACH-FULL cannot be used for
this shield. Refer to CORE web about
the detail for use.

The below pin map is for sketching with Arduino style on Renesas Web Compiler. In case using Mbed development environment, visit Mbed site

pin map

See original image


Item Description
Microcontroller RZ/A1H (R7S721001VCBG 324-pin BGA)
ROM/RAM External FLASH 8MB/internal 10MB
Operating Frequency 400MHz
Operating Voltage 3.3V/1.18V
Board Function USB host/peripheral (exclusive selection), Ethernet, XBee interface, micro SD socket, JTAG interface, user switch, reset switch, Arduino shield interface, user LEDs, USB mass storage class-like programming.

Boards Distributor

GR-PEACH boards and other shields can be purchased through the following sites:

Japanese distributors are here. (日本での購入についてはこちら)

Core Staff (GR-PEACH, AUDIO CAMERA Shield, 4.3 LCD shield) (Click and search "GR-PEACH")

Technical Support

Technical Information

GR PEACH Getting Started on mbed

A guide for just starting to use their newly purchase GR-PEACH/GR-PEACH-FULL board.

Code Repository on mbed

Various codes to support processing for webcam, graphics, etc.


TOPPERS/ASP Kernel with mbed and Arduino Library for GR-PEACH.

GADGET RENESAS Community: GR-PEACH user forum

Post your query and let's discuss about GR-PEACH.

Related Web Site


Schematic / Design

Bill of Material(To be prepared)

Layout(To be prepared)


Sketch Reference (like Arduino Sketch)

How to program

Sketch with Arduino Style


Multitask programming with TOPPERS/ASP


Project file for e2studio

Project file for sketching in Eclipse based development environment e2studio. For downloading and installing e2studio please refer to the product page.

You can import as archive file (zip) as existing workspace from e2studio menu "File" -> "Import".

Do the menu "Project" -> "Update all dependencies" at the initial build. Only sources changed since the next build will be compiled.

Standard project (Arduinoスタイル) (mbedスタイル)

Project with OpenCV (Arduinoスタイル, OpenCV含む) (mbedスタイル, OpenCV含む)

OpenCV project for library generation


DisplayApp is an application that displays the camera image sent by USB CDC.

For Windows

Installing the USB driver is required on versions earlier than Windows 10.

Below is an Arduino-like sketch example.